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Biological Practices

Biocompatible. Fluoride-Free. Mercury-Free. Mercury-Safe.
At Kogan+Kogan, we recognize that the mouth plays a role in up to 90% of all systemic health problems. We continually educate ourselves on the best and most holistic approaches and developments in oral care, combining the best of modern, clinical dentistry with natural medicine and traditional healing wisdom.

We recognize that a hidden infection from a root canal or cavitation often wreaks havoc elsewhere in your body. We are aware of how conventional dental materials such as mercury amalgam and fluoride may contribute to systemic health problems. We know how nutrition and gut health can be drivers of disease and good health alike.

Where a conventional dentist may focus mainly on fixing damaged teeth or redesigning smiles, our focus is on promoting optimal mouth/body health through prevention, treating causes instead of symptoms, and striving to make sure that whatever work we do in your mouth supports your overall health and well-being.

We are happy to collaborate with your network of other doctors and healers to build your nutrition, support detoxification, and ensure you receive the most coordinated and comprehensive treatment possible.

Safe Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

“Silver” mercury amalgam fillings are nearly 50% mercury, and mercury is the most potent neurotoxin on the planet. The health risks from mercury amalgam fillings have been well-documented.

When a patient chooses to have their amalgams removed and replaced with biocompatible restorations, safety is crucial. Simply drilling them out without any kind of protection exposes you and the dental team alike to dangerously high levels of mercury vapor.

That’s why, for both your health and ours – as well as that of our environment – we follow strict safety protocols to minimize mercury exposure. Both Dr. Neil and Dr. Matt have been certified by the IAOMT in the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings.

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Biocompatible Restorations & Prosthetics

When it comes to your oral health, we start with a philosophy of prevention: The best dentistry is no dentistry at all. But should you ever need restorative or other dental work, know that biocompatibility is one of our basic biological practices.

We place only BPA-free composite, glass ionomer, and ceramic materials, no metal. A biocompatibility blood test is available to make sure the materials we use for your dental work will match well with your unique biochemistry.

All materials for your restoration are metal-free and BPA-free, so we have a variety of options to support each patient’s biocompatibility. Because not every material is right for every person, we begin with blood testing for biocompatibility before any choosing restoration materials.

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Treatment of Root Canal Teeth & Cavitations

Biological dentistry functions from the understanding that the mouth and body are connected. Infections concealed within root canaled teeth and cavitations are all too often overlooked triggers for chronic illness or dysfunction.

Health issues linked to such focal infections include MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and more, as well as enigmatic conditions with multiple, unexplained symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chemical sensitivities.

Caviations and infected root canals can be a significant barrier to systemic health, and they also are difficult to diagnose. At Kogan+Kogan, we use advanced detection methods to identify the source and extent of infection.

When we’re called upon to extract teeth – root canal or otherwise – we take great care to remove the periodontal ligament, as well as the tooth, and clean the supporting bone to prevent cavitations from forming.

If cavitations are detected, we open up the area to remove the decaying tissue, clean the bone, and disinfect thoroughly with ozone.

In both cases, we also work with you to build your body’s natural healing and regeneration capabilities and support controlled detox to get you back on your way to optimal health.

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